London: Roti Chai

Roti Chai is the place to be. Billed as ‘Modern Indian Soul Food’, the restaurant has two rooms – a Street Kitchen and a Dining Room, with separate kitchens and menus. On both my visits, I have eaten in the Street Kitchen area. The décor of the intimate upper restaurant is simple to pay homage to India – motorbike lights adorn the walls whilst graffiti-style … Continue reading London: Roti Chai

London (Bloomsbury): Olivelli

Standing on the streets of central London at 9pm on a Monday night, my friend and I were (as usual!) very hungry. To my surprise most of the eateries were closing up for the night. I wanted pizza and my friend wanted risotto. Looking around, we found ASK Italian. Standing under the restaurant’s canopy to shelter us from the drizzly evening, I read the menu … Continue reading London (Bloomsbury): Olivelli

Birmingham: Adore Desserts

These days, dessert places are springing up everywhere. It’s a fairly new trend, have a meal in one restaurant and head elsewhere to a place which specialises in desserts. I’ve had my fair share and over time wherever you go, the menu options become similar and the flavours are pretty ordinary too. Which bores me. If you are familiar with dessert places in Birmingham, you … Continue reading Birmingham: Adore Desserts

London: Chai Ki

Set just behind Canary Wharf in Crossrail Place, Chai Ki is a delightful halal restaurant open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. It offers a modern take on Indian dishes with traditional mouth tingling flavours. Located on the North Dock, Chai Ki can be reached via Fishermans Walk or through Adams Place by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. One late Sunday morning after finally figuring … Continue reading London: Chai Ki