Watford: Smoky Boys


You have probably realised that a theme is emerging through my restaurant reviews. I love burgers. Invite me to a burger place and I’ll be there at the drop of a hat.

Introducing – Smoky Boys. Located on the outskirts of Watford city centre, it is incredibly easy to get to and the car park opposite is free after 6pm. Just off the M1 motorway, there’s no reason to not stop by if you’re in the vicinity!

The interior decor of the restaurant is very cosy. Super comfy booths on one side, intimate tables on the other and an eye-catching ‘Smoky Boys’ sign in lights to fire up the atmosphere.

Carefully studying the menu, I opt for the Rasta Hen burger – Chicken marinated in jerk sauce, iceberg lettuce, beef tomato, red onion, home-made mango ketchup, brioche bun; and chunky chips. Once cooked and placed in front of me, presentation is brilliant. The burger is stacked up finely on a plate, like one from my kitchen cupboard. Whilst the very chucky chips are in a little tin canister (as is very common to do so these days).

Right away, I dive in to the chips. My impatience serves me gravely as they are piping hot, burning the top of my tongue and month. That should be a sign to wait a while, but the chips are so crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside that I keep going. Turning my attention on the burger, I slice it in half, caringly pick it up, examine it for a moment and then take a big bite. The chicken is succulent and the richness of the jerk sauce intensifies the flavour. I’m not keen on the uncooked onions which sharply cut in, but that is masked by the taste of the mango ketchup.

Done with the main course, I move smoothly on to dessert. I pick the Apple & Blackberry Pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream from the menu. The serving size of the pie seems small but I take a spoonful and I am blown away by the fullness of the flavour. It’s not sweet and best of all, it doesn’t taste like it was taken out of a packet and heated up. It tastes fresh and homemade, which is very rare to experience in a place that doesn’t specialise in desserts! I want another, but I’ll save that for next time.

At most eateries I have been to, the service tends to be adequate. But here at Smoky Boys, it is excellent. The waiters are smiley and polite. My friend and I finish our meal and want to sit longer to talk, but a number of places want you as soon as you’re done. So out of courtesy we ask the waiter if he wants us to leave, and in astonishment to our question he responds “not at all – we’re in no hurry for you to go, sit as long as you want”. And with that heartfelt reply, he has put us at ease and formed a relationship that will surely keep us coming back.

Have you been to Smoky Boys?

Rating: 1 Poor / 2 Average / 3 Good / 4 Very Good / 5 Excellent

All the details you need

  • Address: 274a Saint Albans Road, Watford, WD24 6PE
  • Website: http://www.smokyboys.com
  • Opening Hours: 7 days a week from 12pm until 10.45pm
  • Is it Halal? Yes

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