Birmingham: Adore Desserts


These days, dessert places are springing up everywhere. It’s a fairly new trend, have a meal in one restaurant and head elsewhere to a place which specialises in desserts. I’ve had my fair share and over time wherever you go, the menu options become similar and the flavours are pretty ordinary too. Which bores me.

If you are familiar with dessert places in Birmingham, you will think of Heavenly Desserts as superior to others. Which often has a long queue of people willing to wait outside, to eventually be rushed in placing their order, eat up and leave. Well, it’s time for Heavenly Desserts to move aside because there’s a new kid in town – Adore Desserts.

Set in a prominent position on Ladypool Road, the big open windows allow passers-by to gaze in at the simple brick décor adorned by eye-catching bulb lighting. Heading inside, little booths are creatively named with dessert names – Baker St being one of them. There’s friendly enough staff to lead you to an empty table to take a seat.

I visited Adore Desserts with my bestie and it is fair to say, I have never had more FUN in an eatery before. Our waiter was incredibly engaging, responding positively to our over excitement for what was a late 10.30pm entrance. His likeable character is what made our sundown adventure at Adore Desserts all the more enjoyable, since it was a welcomed change to the usual dreary characters who robotically appear to take an order.

Having placed our order for a selection of teas and cakes from the enticing menu, I sunk back into my chair and allowed my attention to wander to the records playing from the speakers. Instantly transported back to my teenage years, I was thrilled to hear the vibrancy of old school anthems. There was none of this ordinary pop rubbish seeping out into unassuming ears, but rather pure unadulterated songs of the nineties and noughties. Pleasantly surprised by the strong choice of subconscious tunes to accompany our visit, our sweet course and brews arrived in good time. Taken aback by the tangy flavours of the ice-cream mixed with the richness of the cake, it was a pleasantly enjoyable dessert.

My visit to Adore Desserts was about much more than offering of the menu – and here is where other eateries should take note. It was about the captivating character of our waiter who fanned our enthusiasm; and the fascinating selecting of music which created a nostalgic atmosphere for the target audience of customers. But most importantly, it was about creating memories with a true friend which has been placed safely into our collection for reminiscing, saved for our older years.

Rating: 1 Poor / 2 Average / 3 Good / 4 Very Good / 5 Excellent

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