No Phone for 5 Days


I love turning my phone off every Sunday. It is an amazing feeling, as though I am reconnecting with real life. I cannot check Whatsapp for messages, Instagram for new pictures or Facebook for random updates. I am blissfully unaware of my phone’s life. And it takes me back to my younger years where life didn’t revolve around smartphones, where I experienced life without instantly being able to record and post moments online.

Recently I turned my phone off for 5…whole…days. And it was an incredibly energising experience. My days felt significantly longer allowing me to get so much more done, as my time wasn’t consumed by a screen. I had no time for procrastination but an ease to move from task to task. I was offline from sharing anything with the world through the internet, which gave me a sense of freedom from not being tracked by the intelligence watching our every move and thought. I was forced to live in the moment with no ability to record it which was truly beautiful, making me appreciate it more.

I am an old-fashioned soul for sure. I love writing letters and surprising people when it lands in their letterbox, it is form of word which will last a lifetime compared to a text. I live a reduced life on social media. In the past I got caught up with the trend of sharing everything I do to try to prove that I was ‘cool’. But I no longer have that need, because my life is for living and sharing the stories with those who I want to, rather than everybody.

I challenge you, please try turning your phone off, just for a day at least. You may hate it and never do it again. But you may love it and turn it into a regular habit. Allow that feeling of refreshment take over, be connected in your own beautiful life rather than sharing everything with the world.

If you do trial it out, I’d love to know how you get on…

Miss Britistani


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