I Quit My Job


Yes, you read that right. I QUIT MY JOB! Let me paint the picture for you. It’s a thundery afternoon with the rain smashing against the window panes. The atmosphere inside the office is glum. Like robots, we’re sitting behind a computer screen pushing buttons to watch sales figures rise and directors jump with joy as their pockets get deeper with bonuses. My boss is standing at my desk. I can’t hear what she’s saying anymore, her eyes are glaring at me, a pointy finger in my face and her mouth is spewing words I cannot comprehend. Suddenly I am overcome, placing my hands against the edge of the wooden desk, I kick back the chair with my feet and abruptly stand up to face her. Her mouth stops moving and a look of confusion appears on her face. Staring straight into her beady eyes and pausing for a moment, I tell her “I QUIT”.

At this point, I wonder if you as the reader are in a state of bewilderment and disbelief? As though this cannot be happening in the 21st Century workplace. Well you’re right, sorry about that, I slightly over exaggerated events!

If you are familiar with my blog, you will know I work in the corporate world doing a 9 – 5 which I no longer have passion for. I have been dealing with a very bad manager and an office full of colleagues who love to gossip on the grapevine. It was a tough decision to accept I no longer want to work here. I am stepping off the career ladder which so many aspire for and work countless hours towards. In the end, I had to evaluate whether continuing down this route would give me the life I really want?

By staying, I would be earning good money, making my LinkedIn profile look good and following the crowd, clambering up the ladder in a zombie like manner towards what everyone believes is success. Leaving is by no means easy. I am taking a pay cut, dealing with my conscience of whether I am actually making the right choice and I will no longer get the nods of admiration from others when I tell them where I work. To balance the heartache I will feel as I continue to wonder along my unknown path, I have assessed things I am passionate about and will introduce them into my life. This way, I will bring back a sense of purpose and achievement, beyond what I have been programmed to believe is success.

So what are the golden nuggets of experience I can pass on to you? First, understand what is it you would like to achieve with your life? Do you want to start your own business, help others through your everyday work or be the top dog in a company? Then understand if the path you are heading down is leading you in the right direction? We are creatures of comfort that sometimes we are content with bumbling along and thinking “one day I will do what I actually want to do”. The hard part is becoming uncomfortable – taking that pay cut, having less security and putting in the hours of hard work for yourself. But that is the land of promise, where you have taken back control of your own destiny and put the actions in place to realise YOUR potential and passion.

Have you ever found yourself at a cross roads and decided to turn left instead of continue right?

Miss Britistani


4 thoughts on “I Quit My Job

  1. Wow! I hope by reading this a load of other people who hate their jobs will be motivated to explore what they actually want… I know I’m pretty young but the thought of staying in something I hate actually quite terrifies me! Well done you, you made the right choice ❤

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  2. I did that two years back , I took a career break and went for my Masters, after that I tried doing a sales job which they hide under the words of Business Development 😀 but in reality it was sales, quit that too after a month! now am working as a consultant so my projects varies from time to time which keeps the boredom off ,so for now Alhamdulillah it is going fine. Btw, love your Blog 🙂

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