Real Career Talk: The Importance of Having Mentors

Welcome to the first edition this month’s topic – Real Career Talk! Having worked in the midst of the corporate world for a few years, I have become all too familiar with the internal politics and battles played to keep an international company turning.

During January, I will be discussing with you matters I have experienced:

  • The importance of having mentors
  • Enduring a bad manager
  • Watch out for the office snakes
  • Re-evaluating your situation if your job no longer fulfils you

So, let us begin with this week’s focus – the importance of having mentors.

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.” – Zig Ziglar

There are great benefits of seeking out mentors in your place of work. Having a mentor is not a form of admitting defeat that you need help, but a fantastic way of asking for advice and guidance to set yourself up to go further in your career.

A mentor has a great deal of positive energy to bring to your personal mission, propelling you further than if you were going it alone. Selecting people in higher positions than you are currently in means they are probably further down a similar career path to yours and can bring many past experiences to the conversation. Talking about their successes and failures will give you tips on what to implement and show you what to avoid to save yourself.

When discussing issues you may be facing, a mentor has a great ability to stand back from the outside and look in to offer an objective opinion. Sometimes the advice can be hard to hear, but it is better to hear it rather than blindly carrying on as you are. And later down the line should you or your mentor leave the company you are working for, you would have added an external connection to your network which could prove to be fruitful for either party in the future.

With all the benefits of having a mentor, where can you find the one for you. Well, the best news is that you don’t just need one mentor! You can have as many as you can keep up with. Multiple mentors mean you get multiple views on your points of discussion – which will either provide you with affirmation if they are in unison with their advice; or confuse you with too many opinions! But regardless, you will benefit greatly for having them.

Look around your organisation at the people who are highly regarded for being good at what they do, or think about your future dream job and who is doing it now. These are the people to approach to be your mentor. The ones you can trust to give you good advice. And then just go and ask them if they will be your mentor! Most people are always willing to help and it is unlikely they will say no. You will raise up the person you ask as they will feel they are being recognised to be in a position to offer their guidance.

But mentors don’t just have to be people in a higher position to you or even within the company you are working for. It could be anybody whose opinion you value and who will offer you their best. No harmful intentions but wanting to see you achieve your full potential. Find those people and get ready to be elevated on your journey to reach your stars.

Miss Britistani


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