Setting Objectives for 2017


I am bamboozled by the speed at which 2016 passed us by. It was as though by the time I had settled into the new year, it was spring. And summer passed by in the blink of an eye, leading us to autumn with the commercialised preparations for Christmas. Now winter is in full swing and 2017 is looming.

I vaguely remember once setting objectives for the new year, something along the lines of losing weight. It didn’t last long and I never tried with objectives again. But this year, I feel as though it is necessary to set some goals for the looming year.

I am a wanderer. I never had a firm picture in my head of what I wanted to be when I was older, so I never knew what to study. Then, after completing a degree in business, I walked into a graduate job in an international corporation. Maybe this is where some lost souls unite, looking for clarity. Even just trying to think of where I should be in 10 years’ time frightens me, so instead I’ve broken it down to just 1 year.

By doing this, I’ve created a path in my mind of where I’m heading to. I’ve got 13 objectives on my list, including reading 12 books and getting involved in charity work. I know there is a risk I may not achieve them and any feeling of failure will be disheartening. But so long as I have determination and know I gave it my best shot, I am sure I would have moved miles ahead than if I entered the year with the same rambling heart and mind as every other year.

To help me along the way, I’ve purchased a monthly planner from Astradivarius which has been splendid to visualise my yearlong objectives broken down into monthly actions. Day by day, I can outline what I want to achieve and that way I am moving in the right direction.

Have you considered setting your objectives for 2017? Or have you set new year objectives previously – how did you get on? Any tips of wisdom will be gratefully received!

Miss Britistani


2 thoughts on “Setting Objectives for 2017

  1. I try to set my objective every 4 months. For example at the start of January I will see if I did everything I organized on September the 1st and then I’ll write down new objectives for the next 4 months. I think it’s easier 4 by 4. xo

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